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    The test laboratory of Aplus Labs, Inc. has been operating HDMI testing services since November 2005. The HDMI 1.4b compliance test (pretest) is available currently.

    In late 2016, we have actively contacted the HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc., and had build up our HDMI2.0 test equipments, hoping to provide customers with better testing service.

    Aplus Labs Inc. have passed the on site audit of Digital Content Protection LLC, and has become the HDCP authorized test center. We can provide the HDCP 1.x and HDCP 2.x authorized testing services over HDMI. See the boards of Digital Content Protection LLC:



    Aplus Labs, Inc. 的测试实验室源自于凌耀实验室,自2005年11月营运以来,一直经营着HDMI的测试服务。目前可提供 HDMI 1.4b 的测试(预测试)服务。


    Aplus Labs Inc. 通过了Digital Content Protection LLC 的现场审核,已成为HDCP的认证测试中心,可提供HDMI上的 HDCP 1.x,HDCP 2.x的认证测试服务。 信息参见 Digital Content Protection LLC 的公告: