Shenzhen, China, August 28th, 2019 TECHNICOLOR HDMI ATC – APLUS LABS announced that “CHINA FIRST TIME INTERNATIONAL HDMI PLUGFEST” has been held successfully in Hyatt Place Hotel – T3.Space in Shenzhen Airport, China in August 26-28, 2019.


For consecutive 3-day plugfest, over 150 matching 1-by-1 tests by participants, this event crossover participants from Europe/ US/ Japan/ Taiwan/ and China 5 regions and over 30 companies 80 attendees, where 1/4 from International, 1/4 from Taiwan, and 1/2 from China, and covering HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4 new and legacy features Source/ Sink/ Repeater/ and Cable products. Participants responded in a few different ways but all having the statements like:

  • For the first time to know the plugfest is held in China, this is a great platformarranged by APLUS LABS.
  • This is a great event and really good to have the opportunity to attend to meet with so many companies in this 3 days for product interoperability tests. A lot of product experience shared from different companies, I really like to attend the CHINA2nd INTERNATIONAL HDMI PLUGFEST next year in here.
  • Through this time plugfest experience, we will prepare more devices with different features for next year plugfest.
  • That was so convenient to have the plugfest in Shenzhen Airport, and APLUS LABS did a great arrangement and support to make the China 1stInternational Plugfest run very well. We really appreciate to have such HDMI Plugfest activity arranged in Shenzhen Airport.


From the attendees’ response, it prevailed that Chinese Adopters likes to have such plugfest. Although over half of the attendees did not familiar with how plugfest shall be proceeded, however as learned from day 1 practice, to proceed the day 2 and day 3 activities for the rookie went very well. All the attendees got a good opportunity to interoperate to the others. Almost every attendee liked to join this plugfest.


“Although APLUS LABS spent a lot of efforts to prepare for this event for the first time in China, but looked at the active atmosphere in the test site and attendees’ satisfying feedback, APLUS LABS thought to establish such plugfest platform for attendees to exchange product technical expertise in the event is a good start, especially for China attendees. APLUS LABS as a HDMI ATC located inside Shenzhen Airport, will continue to serve HDMI adopters in many aspects, including HDMI CTS and HDCP CTS compliance test certification, HDMI Interoperability certification tests and HDMI Plugfest activities.”, quoted from Eugene Wang, CEO of APLUS LABS.


Group photo for the HDMI Plugfest attendees was provided by APLUS LABS as attached.




About Technicolor HDMI ATC  APLUS LABS

Technicolor HDMI ATC – APLUS LABS is one of the HDMI ATCs operated in Shenzhen, China. APLUS LABS provides the HDMI and HDCP Compliance Test Services, and HDMI Interoperability Testing service. The Lab is sitting in Office Building C-903, Terminal 3 Business Zone inside Shenzhen Airport, China. The benefits inside Shenzhen Airport, which is located in the center of Greater Bay Area (Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao) with the most convenient transportations, is to quickly interact with the adopters in time to provide testing certification and engineering services. Efficiency、Quality、Trustworthy are APLUS LABS principles of operation to serve adopters. Please check www.aplus-labs.com.

China 1st Time International HDMI Plugfest – August 26-28, 2019
中国首次国际性HDMI Plugfest插拔大会 – 2019年8月26-28日

When / 举办时间:

Monday, August, 26, 2019 at 9:00am GMT+8 -to- Wednesday, August, 28, 2019 at 5:30pm GMT+8

中国标准时间 8月26日(一) 9:00am 至 8月28日(三) 5:30pm

Registration / 注册方法 :

Open from July 7, 09:00 to August 7, 18:00, 2019 GMT+8 报名为2019年7月7日9时起至8月7日18时止 GMT+8
Due to limited testing facility, registration will be 1st-come-1st- serve basis. Registration link:register 注册 链结

因有限的测试设备,报名采先到先上至额满为止。 注册链结

$100USD Registration Fee per attendee covers 3-day lunch Buffet, Coffee, tea, and dessert served by Hyatt Place Hotel, and free Plugfest testing room.

每位注册费700元人民币包括凯悦嘉轩酒店提供免费的3天 自助午餐、咖啡、茶和甜点,以及免费的Plugfest测试室。

Where /举办地点:

Hyatt Place Hotel – T3.Space Compass
Terminal 3 Buz Zone, SZ Airport, SZ 518000, China



    This is the CHINA 1st TIME INTERNATIONAL HDMI PLUGFEST event to be held in China. Welcome HDMI Adopters to bring prototype or production level product(s) to have interoperability testing with other participants for the event.

    The HDMI Plugfest is open to any interested parties with HDMI Sink/Source/Repeater/Cable products or prototypes, and is intended for unofficial device-to- device interoperability testing.

    The Plugfest will provide for compatibility testing between Sources, Repeaters, Cables and Sinks, with features tested as decided by the participants.


这是将在中国举办的CHINA 1st TIME INTERNATIONAL HDMI PLUGFEST插拔大会。欢迎HDMI采用者将原型或生产级产品与其他参与者进行兼容性测试。

HDMI 插拔大会对具有HDMI Sink/Source/ Repeater/ Cable产品或原型, 且有兴趣参加的采用者开放报名, 旨在进行设备到设备非官方的兼容性测试。

Plugfest插拔大会将提供Sink/Source/Repeater/Cable之 间的兼容性测试,其产品功能测试由参与者决定。HDMI Plugfest旨在为采用者提供公平的测试平台,以 进行兼容性测试。注册过程将指引您完成注册的必要步骤,无论您是中国或国际采用者。

Come Join Plugfest 、Explore Product Perfection



Technicolor HDMI ATC – APLUS LABS ( C-903, Office Bldg, T3 Buz Zone, SZ Airport, China. Contact: registration@ aplus-labs.com )


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