How to apply for the HDCP adapter, and how about the cost?

How to apply for the HDCP adapter, and how about the cost?

Foe the HDCP adapter applying, you can visit ,or email to for more information.

The cost of HDCP includes the adapter annual fee, the HDCP key cost used in the products, and the HDCP testing fee of the product model.

The member annual fee is US $15,000 per year.

About the fee of HDCP keys, the price will vary with the purchase quantity:
Purchase 1,000,000 keys at a time: US$ 10,000 (0.01 each)
Purchase 100,000 keys at a time: US$ 5,000 (0.05 each)
Purchase 10,000 keys at a time: US$ 2,000 (0.2 each)
Some chip vendors may purchase the HDCP keys and burned the keys into their chip solution. In this case, you may not need to purchase the HDCP key again.


Another cost is the HDCP testing fee. HDMI products with HDCP function, according to the HDMI Licensing LLC, must submit HDCP compliance test report. and the HDCP authorized test center is required to check the membership of HDCP adapters. For the HDCP testing information, please contact our customer coordinator through email, or telephone +86(755)26038318 for detail.