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Aplus Labs Inc. had set his 1st China branch in 2014.

Aplus Labs Shenzhen Testing Center is the predecessor of Worldplus technology HDMI testing center, and is well-known on HDMI compliance testing services. Since 2005 began operating, thousands of HDMI compliance test cases had been complete in this center.

In 2016, the Shenzhen test center was incorporated into the Aplus Labs Inc., the instruments were updated to fit the New HDMI compliance, hoping to provide customers with better quality testing services.

HDMI Experience of Aplus Labs Inc.

  • 2005.11 – 2009.9    (HDMI test department of Worldplus)

Co-operated with a US company to build the first HDMI authorized test center (ATC) in China, had thousands experience of HDMI test service case.

  • 2009.10 – 2016.6  (HDMI test department of Worldplus)

Operate HDMI pre-test center, had thousands of pretest service cases.

  • 2014.7      

Aplus Labs Inc. had introduced the HDMI service.

  • 2016.7 

Worldplus test department had been merged by Aplus Labs Inc., and has prepared the New HDMI test service.

  • 2017.10

Authorized HDMI compliance test center is operated in China on Technicolor behalf by Aplus Labs Inc.

Company vision:

Provide customers with efficient, high quality, reliable testing services and design.

Company objectives:

Become the best working partner of the customer.

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Technicolor Trademark Management, SAS – HDMI ATC
1, rue Jeanne d’Arc – 92443 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Operated on its behalf by Aplus LABS INC.

Aplus Labs Shenzhen Testing Center

eMail: admin@aplus-labs.com

Website: aplus-labs.com


Office Building C-903, T3 Business Zone, Shenzhen Airport,

Shenzhen 518000, GuangDong Province, China

TEL: +86(755)2603-8318 / +86(755)2345-3109


Taiwan Office:


6F-2, No. 481, Sec. 2, Kung-Fu Road, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan

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