About HDMI testing services

  • Why do we need HDMI test services?

  • Consumers wants to buy qualified HDMI products, to avoid the connection hazard of multimedia devices.
  • HDMI Licensing, LLC knows this and forms a sequence of methods to keep the service quality of HDMI devices.
  • This is the most important reason why the HDMI protocol became the de facto standard
    of the HD multimedia streaming protocols in CE market.

Visit  http://www.hdmi.org/manufacturer/testing_policies.aspx for more informations on testing polices.

  • For this purpose, the HDMI Licensing, LLC  claims:

  • The test report must be submitted to the HDMI Licensing, LLC. to get the certification or approved letter.
  • HDMI products can only be manufactured by the adopters of HDMI Licensing, LLC.(manufacturer qualification).
  • Each product must have a qualified test report. (product qualification).
  • The HDMI logos must be marked in a right form, with the right function declaration style.(user understandability).

Visit http://www.hdmi.org/logosphotos/logos.aspx to obtain HDMI logo usage information. (needs to agree the usage terms there)

  • The control activation may take by HDMI Licensing, LLC:

  • Cooperating with the customs of each area, block the transportation of illegal, unbelievable HDMI products.
  • Monitor the HDMI products in market, to pick out the illegal, substandard HDMI products.
  • Illegal production, or production not in accordance with the adopter agreement, may face
    the closing, claims, or cancellation of adopter membership.

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Advantages of Aplus Labs testing

  • Extensive testing experience

More than ten years of HDMI test experiences, complete thousands of HDMI compliance test projects.

  • Attentive service content

Customer coordinators, understand customer needs and provide the best test schedule.

  • Trustworthy partner

Professional test equipments and test techniques, professional security and safety environment, professional and reliable test report.


HDMI Authorized Compliance Test Flow