HDMI Plugfest QA and Tips



  1. [What is the HDMI PLugfest? ]
    (I guess):For the development or promotion of certain specifications, the HDMI association invites members to participate in a large-scale conference or seminar! (This is a misunderstanding!)
    (Correct Answer): The plugfest is an activity in which the participating member companies carry their own products to do actual one-on-one plug-and-test tests with other companies’ products! It’s a completely for engineering experiments activity, not a promotional meeting or other meeting! For example: A registered company, carries a Sink TV in a 3-day 24-hour test itinerary (if 1-2 hours is a test section), this Sink can be up to 12-24 plufest testing with others. Different Source/repeater/cable companies perform one-to-one docking tests in separate isolated test rooms. That is, this Sink product has 12-24 isolated one-on-one opportunities for docking and technical exchange with Source/repeater/Cable products. The same applies to companies in other product categories.


  1. [What are the benefits of participating in the plugfest? ]
    (I guess): Not sure!
    (Correct Answer): It is generally difficult for Sink, Source, Cable, and Repeater product companies to have the opportunity to make mutual extensive exchanges. This is the best technical exchange platform for equal and fair disclosure with legal protection for all participants!
    The plugfest allows development products companies to improve product maturity and achieve better product quality through Interoperability plugfest testing!


  1. [How much does it cost for applicant to participate in the plugfest? ]
    (I guess): It’s best to be free, maybe the registration fee will be very expensive!
    (Correct Answer): Both are not correct! It takes a lot of manpower and resources to hold such a plugfest event, and it is impossible to do all the activities for free for all 1700+ HDMI members with limited resources! The threshold for each person to register for $700CNY is to let the engineering company personnel who are in need or interested to actually participate! Rather than letting members who do not have such needs but take up such rare opportunities and resources! There are no other fees except this! Indeed, the actual registration fee is not enough to cover the lunch buffet fee provided by Hyatt Place Hotel in the 3-day event! Not to mention the other venue fees, tea breaks, etc. are not included in the calculation!


  1. [How have I never heard of a plugfestbefore? ]
    (I guess): Maybe China has never held it before? !
    (Correct Answer): Indeed! This is China’s first international HDMI plugfest conference. In Europe and the United States, some major international specifications will be held in a certain period of time to allow their member companies to have a fair technical exchange platform. This is an event that is often held internationally. Because this is the first time in China, there are many Chinese companies that have not heard of this or are not familiar with such activities.


  1. [Why Technicolor HDMI ATC – APLUS LABS would like to host this plugfest? ]
    (I guess): Because you can earn a lot of profits.
    (Correct Answer):  
    – Just the opposite! It is a huge amount of human and material resources for Host to hold the plugfest event! And the plugfest event is also a non-profit event!
    – Establish a good and fair test environment that allows registered participants to improve the quality of HDMI products, and positively respond to the entire HDMI industry chain. The same is true for HDMI ATC.
    – Good product development requires a lot of support! For the annual global manufacturing of 1 billion HDMI products per year, how to improve the quality of the product is very important! Participating in the plugfest test is a quick and effective shortcut


  1. [How to sign up for the plugfest? What is the qualification for registration? When is the registration deadline? ]
    As long as you are a member of the HDMI LA, you can sign up. Whether it is APLUS LABS’s website (https://aplus-labs.com/?lang=tw), or the HDMI LA plugfest announcement (https://www.hdmi.org/news_events/index.Aspx), you can enter the link for Or you can use the following registration link to register ( https://wj.qq.com/s/3920268/a782/ ).
    The registration deadline, CHINASTANDARD TIME From today to August 7 (三) 6pm GMT+8 deadline. Please take the time to register as soon as possible to avoid missing the opportunity! First come first until the registration is full!


  1. [How do I prepare my product for the plugfest? ]
    Whether you are developing a new product or a finished product, you can use it as a product you want to participate in. In principle, prepare one or two pieces and prepare the accessories, power cords, or some connecting devices that your product should be prepared for when testing with other people’s products. (If the items you carry are heavy or bulky, it is recommended that you carry a small cart to help you while require moving in different test rooms.) Also prepare for picking up several items you want to test (each docking test). The time limit is about 1-2 hours for a single test, so it is to prepare several important test items as test items. It is best to plan the test process sequence of your products in advance!)


  1. [We found a bug in the product during the plugfest test. Will it be recorded by the association as a defect? ]
    In the plugfest test, the inter-system mismatch problem found by the participants is determined by the participants themselves. There will be no bad records left by the HDMI association or any other unit!


  1. [How many people are suitable for the company’s personnel to attend the plugfest? ]
    Each company can register several groups at its discretion. Generally, about 2-3 people in each group are suitable.


  1. [Will there be any supporting documents after the end of the plugfest?]
    Yes! The Host will provide the participant with a personal participation certificate